Urgent Update - April 22/21

Due to an error on my end, the majority of copies of the recent D.N.E. release do not have the correct order of tracks as was intended by the artist. Unfortunately, most cassettes were moved through War Vellum - the artist's label - before the mistake was discovered.
The remainder of the edition in the hands of Lead Lozenges has been re-dubbed in the correct order. Replacement copies have shipped to Scream and Writhe Distro today. There are a number of cassettes on the way to White Centipede Noise Distro in Germany, these tapes are part of the re-dubbed portion.
Sincere apologies to any and all customers that have been affected by this mistake. War Vellum is currently working on another edition of the release - part of which will go into the hands of the people that had purchased the original release - as well as further special edition artist copies.  

March 21/21

A new batch of Lead Lozenges releases is now officially available after some recent trials and tribulations...
Artist copies have shipped - support the artists by buying directly from them as well.

LL12 - D.N.E. - Inverted Paradox Existence - C70 Cassette Tape

Edition of 35.

Inverted Paradox Existence delivers seemingly endless, impenetrable militant walls (yes, I know!) of organ-grinder noise with a serious war black metal backbone. The idea for this release originated a number of years ago on a trip to Canada's west coast in the frigid month of January that exposed the locals in beautiful British Columbia to the utterly soul-entrenching energy of this project for the very first time. I had first witnessed the focused simplicity of D.N.E. at a local festival in an art gallery in 2014 and was immediately sold. This is blown out failing circuitry, percussion and swirling textural nothingness...or everything-ness, sealed with the kiss of death. Baphomet dances on your grave. A special art-edition release of Inverted Paradox Existence is currently being cultivated in the ritual chamber of D.N.E.'s Harsh Noise War Black Metal label, War Vellum – keep your eyes and ears open.

All artwork and layout for the release by D.N.E.

LL13 - Ingram - Heathen's Prayer - C22 Cassette Tape

Edition of 32.

Ingram is the new project of Austin, Texas resident John Madigan Moloney, formerly part of the Dayton, Ohio noise scene. While his previous efforts under his own name (for Jungle Crunk, Okto Media, Skeleton Dust, Fluxus Montana and Stand-Up Tragedy) essentially fall into the realm of psycho-active acoustics involving abrasive collages of unsettling voice- and field recordings, Heathen's Prayer takes a different approach. With the prominent inclusion of guitar & ebow as well as synth, he shapes thick, enveloping, rapidly-cycling, heavy, ominous oscillations with sputtering backdrops and pop-ups. Signals fight for space, overlap and undercut each other. A psychedelic body and mind peel we as listeners can cleanse ourselves with.

Three distinct pieces of artwork have been created by John especially for this release.
When purchasing LL13, please keep in mind that your copy will come with one of the pieces, not all of them.

Artist photo credit: Josh Levi - Instagram

LL14 - Potier. - Windows of Inopportunity - C20 Cassette Tape

Edition of 24.

More than 7 years ago the last Potier.-recordings appeared on Dayton's now unfortunately inactive Factotum Tapes thanks to the support of Matthew Reis. A lot happened in the years following “Irreparable” that lead to the shelving of the project and the DIY metal & junk devices were stashed in the back of the closet alongside the contact microphones. The hiatus ended up being much longer than anticipated. Certain Potier.-live appearances in 2012 featured setups that were never captured on any releases and so in 2020 efforts were undertaken to correct this mistake. “Windows of Inopportunity” sees the return of the combination of dragging chains on metal surfaces in combination with small motors and old-fashioned pedal noise. When a door closes somewhere, a window may open eventually to expose you to the toxic fumes.

Listen to a sample.