+++++ March 2022 Update +++++

2 New Cassette Tapes


Primitive Isolation Tactics

Jackals Howling Across The Deserts Of Time


Edition of 32

The howl precedes the prowl...but there is not much preparatory canine pack chatter or aimless roving happening on this new effort from Montreal's Taylor Geddes. The contents of this tape know how to sink their small gritty teeth into the eardrums right from the start with steady buzz, cresting white feedback flutter, tonal rattling and scurrying internal feedback patterns. This focused attack on the nerves delivers some fine swaying rumble and clicking stutter with that occasional knob stop hiss. A cycling, unsettled drone emerges on the flip side, blended with a subtle field recording and small scale shaking and scraping impurities. As high frequency smears and dragging gear sounds set in, the weary desert wanderer knows that he is still being stalked by pesky critters as all the reserves are now exhausted and a quick whiteout blow stops him in his tracks for good.

Listen to a sample HERE

Artist photo by Anton Richards


Thought Leader

Vox Populi


Edition of 22

Throughout the sixty minutes of Vox Populi, these very first Thought Leader recordings propose a new approach to how we engage in communicative process. An expansion of reciprocity in relationships allows for the amplification of voices seldom acknowledged or valued. Safe spaces for vulnerable individuals are the key to continued growth in understanding and the pursuit of evolved connections. These field recordings - while seemingly intrusive and indiscreet - capture the essence of a willingness to immerse oneself in the complexity of a different “noise”. These urgent utterances are ultimately to be decrypted with the heart. In being present, we recognize the bridges that are built when we relate unconditionally. Noise content is an often baffling sensory experience. Our codes are not universally applicable.

Listen to a sample HERE


K.M. Toepfer



28 Process Art/Glitch Art Pieces from 2020

Undisclosed Edition